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Mistress of the Nightmare (Amy Mah Vampire)
Song Title: Mistress of the Nightmare (Amy Mah Vampire)
Written and Created for Amy Mah, by Xeo Anastasi ‘Mechanical Alice’ of studio 'Wild Mage Media'
She walks at midnight looking for pray, no point in trying to run for I will never get away.
She moves in the moonlight, such beauty and grace, everything I wanted until she gets a taste.
Mistress of the nightmare why the hungry eyes a beauty so sublime, a monster in disguise.
You will haunt me hunt me until you get my blood, my life forever yours and my eternal love.

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Mark Moody: A truly Truly great read. Amy Mah engulfs the reader in a world of Vampires never before seen. Hierarchy, Intrigue...clan is a young vampire supposed to survive in a world where one false step could get her killed? Read and findout my friends. Amy Mah is truly one of the great authors of this age!

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